Endre's Personal Log


Design projects for multiple media platforms at the same time.
Usually, these projects are covering a specific period with a brand or a company.

DinKurv.dk materials

Website redesign, DM mail development and design, mobile UI design, designing marketing campaign elements for the usage of SoMe sites, mascot design and animation video.

NKD materials

Product catalogue, POP videodisplays for NKD shops, special advertisement for stadium display, SoMe commercial and promotional animation video.

DM (drogerie markt) materials

DM Active Beauty magazine's advertising term brochure for printing and with interactive elements for online purposes. DM loyalty program coupons, digital coupons, terminal UI and the SoMe posts of product offers.

Liegelind materials

Creation of product catalogues for the sub-brand of NKD that focused on children's products. Creation of promotional animation video for in-shop displays.